Serving Edina, MN & the Minneapolis Area

Morris Law Group, P.A., provides a full array of business and commercial legal services to a wide variety of business clients, including insurance companies, restaurant companies, real estate companies, start up businesses, other corporate and limited liability company clients, and individuals. We provide advice with respect to all businesses and commercial transactions and regulation, contract preparation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, bank lending and bank regulation, leasing and project finance, structured finance and investment management. We advise our client on selecting and organizing business entities, preparing articles of incorporation and partnership agreements, and maintaining corporate records. We also counsel clients on their day-to-day business activities, including employee, customer relations and business-to-business transactions.

All of our legal services and advice are provided with an eye toward preventing costly mistakes and shielding our clients from potential liability. However, when necessary, we provide business and commercial litigation services to our clients. We provide commercial litigation advice from the inception of a commercial dispute through to its conclusion with the objective of providing the best possible results at every stage.

If a business finds itself unable to pay its bills, we specialize in Chapter 11 reorganization proceedings and Chapter 7 liquidation proceedings. If a business can be viable in the future, in a Chapter 11 proceeding, we can help enable a business to continue operating despite a present inability to meet its financial obligations. Once confirmed, a successful plan of reorganization may free up cash flow and ensure that a business is a viable enterprise into the future. In a Chapter 11, Morris Law Group, P.A. will evaluate the business's need for reorganization depending on the immediate demands placed by certain creditors, and whether your business can support a viable plan or if there is a more advantageous alternative to Chapter 11 reorganization. Our experienced Chapter 11 attorneys provide comprehensive reorganization assistance from consultation through confirmation so you know exactly where your business stands.