Serving Edina, MN & the Minneapolis Area

Morris Law Group, P.A., and its affiliate, MLG Bankruptcy Group PLLC, offer a wide variety of services in bankruptcy. We specialize in both personal bankruptcies and business bankruptcies, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 work. Our experience allows us to effectively represent consumers with mortgage arrearage or other issues, automobile loan delinquencies and repossessions, tax debt, delinquent utilities, credit cards, payday loans, and more.

Because of our integrated business practice, we excel at providing bankruptcy services to individuals and married couples with sole proprietorships or ownership interests in businesses.

In addition to representing individuals in both business and non-business related bankruptcies, our firm represents businesses in Chapter 11 reorganization proceedings and Chapter 7 liquidation proceedings, whether they were filed voluntarily by the business or involuntarily by the creditors of the business.

Our potential bankruptcy services include pre-bankruptcy counseling to determine whether bankruptcy is the correct option for each client, preparation of the bankruptcy petition and related schedules, representation on various motions and hearings and in adversary proceedings, if applicable.

We are strongly committed to giving each of our clients special attention. We see ourselves as a full service firm, seeing beyond the numbers, if necessary, to uncover the situation that is causing the financial difficulties. Then, we work to relieve the stressors driving our clients into bankruptcy and redirect them back onto the path to financial success.